Makkah Period

This sūrah of seven verses was revealed in Makkah. It is named after the word, al-mā’ūn (assistance) that occurs in the seventh verse. It emphasizes faith in the pillars of the Religion, sincerity in worship, and the importance of mutual assistance in society. Also, it warns against hypocrisy.

  1. Have you considered one who denies the Last Judgment?
  2. That is the one who repels the orphan,
  3. And does not urge the feeding of the destitute.
  4. And woe to those worshippers (denying the Judgment),
  5. Those who are unmindful in their Prayers,1
    1. The last two verses, together with the succeeding ones, threaten hypocritical people. These hypocrites see no good in the Prayer and do not fear God when they do not pray. If they sometimes pray, they are proud of it. They are careless about whether they pray on time and how they pray. They do not pursue God’s good pleasure and approval in their Prayers; rather, they expect some worldly advantages from them.
  6. Those who want to be seen and noted (for their acts of worship),
  7. Yet deny all assistance (to their fellowmen).