Makkah Period

This sūrah of 11 verses was revealed in Makkah. It takes its name from the word al-qāri’ah (the sudden, mighty strike) in its first verse. It is about the dreadful occurrences on the Day of Resurrection, and the end of good and evil.

  1. The sudden, mighty strike!
  2. What is the sudden, mighty strike?
  3. What enables you to perceive what the sudden, mighty strike is?
  4. The day (when it occurs) humans will be like moths scattered about;
  5. And the mountains will be like carded wool.1
    1. These verses relate some of the dreadful events that will take place during the destruc- tion of the world. The following verses focus attention on the result of the deeds of people in the world.
  6. And then, the one whose scales are heavy (with faith and good deeds),
  7. He will be in a life of contentment.
  8. Whereas the one whose scales are light (as devoid of faith and accepted good deeds),
  9. He will have his home in a bottomless pit,
  10. What enables you to perceive what it is?
  11. It is a fire burning fiercely.